Can I use my insurance and are there any warranty?

Insurance Coverage

Master Auto Glass will work with all insurance companies to help you facilitate your insurance claims. The deductible amount will depend on the type of car insurance policy you have and the extent of the damage. 

For more information, please request a quote from us or call us at 626-447-8288

Lifetime Warranty on Replacements

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our Auto Glass Replacement, both front and back glass only, for as long as you own your vehicle. The warranty will cover defects, damage, or any other issues related to the repair work done. Damage caused by outside forces after the work is done and is not related to our service provided is not included in the warranty. 

Our warranty covers the following: 

  • water leaks where the glass and vehicle’s frame meet

No Warranty on Chip Repair

Chip Repair is not covered by warranty as there are many outside factors involved that will cause the chip to crack further. Please note that visibly the chip will still look the same, however our goal is to stop the chip from cracking any further. We have seen very good results with most of our customers.